Fairgrounds​/​The Dirty Looks Split

by The Dirty Looks

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violentdancing Completely blown away by the intensity and raw emotion of these tracks. I first heard Boston from a local mix on the radio and needless to say I was hooked. Excellent stuff! Favorite track: Boston.
Troy Fryer
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Troy Fryer It's incredibly hard to choose a favourite track in this split: both songs are incredibly energetic and melodious, and are simply just infectious. Old heads on young shoulders, these guys write maturely and wisely and very impressively. Favorite track: Havana.
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released March 22, 2013

Fairgrounds side produced/mixed/mastered by Zachary Brown

The Dirty Looks side produced/mixed/mastered at Kennedy Studios in Billerica, MA



all rights reserved


The Dirty Looks Boston, Massachusetts

Rock Band from Massachusetts

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Track Name: The Dirty Looks - Boston
well i took one last drive down to boston
to see if i still feel anything
i took one last drive down to boston alone
and as i stared out across the river,
and my eyes rolled back in my head
i knew at last what it felt like to be dead

well she said "boy,
you worry about the worst things, you know"

so i put my thought inside a cage that fit just like a shell
while i listed places been to,
manhattan south of hell
it took everything i had to not be everything i've seen
well you knew just what i was
and i know just what you mean

guess i had to grow up sometime, i just didn't think it through
what else could i do when i'm just a shell of man
forced to lean on luck and left without a plan

if i spent my life in a hole
if i spent my life growing old
i'd be fine with it if i was just with you
Track Name: The Dirty Looks - Havana
you've got the same lines on your face
but it seems you've gotten old
i found my words are at a loss
i've been weighing out the cost of what i'm told

you're still in the same place
where i left you months ago
do you know you've been replaced?
i've been counting every day since you lost hope

i've been getting hollow

you've got the same sad look of disgrace
and a sense you've gotten told
i found my words are at a loss
i watched you fall apart all on your own
you've been calling me pathetic
while traveling over seas
down on your knees

i knew i had to start somewhere
but i didn't think i'd have to start with you
what can i do?
i knew i had to start somewhere,
but i didn't think i'd have to start so soon
what can i do?